Darts Perfection And How To Get It

Darts Perfection And How To Get It

Ok..First things first. I play the game and have done for over 25 years and these tips are what I have picked up along the way.


Get the right kit! A good set of darts needn't cost the earth. Try a few sets at different weights and settle on a weight that suits you. In the UK a decent set of darts costs about '10 that's about $15 in the US. Try and buy 2 or 3 sets the same as this helps practice and also if you lose a set there is no need to panic. Buy plenty of stems and flights..again plain is best and cheapest and it takes another worry out of the equation come match night.

Get a board put up at home so you can practice and if you are serious, set aside at least 2 hours a day.

When playing try and wear loose fitting shirts...just like the guys on TV, this keeps you cool and also stops any restriction when throwing. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes as well..some matches & tournaments can last a while..so keep those feet happy!

2.Join A Team

At this stage, it does not matter how good you are and dart teams are always looking for players, so get out and ask at local clubs and pubs. Give the guy behind the bar your phone number and just ask around. You will be surprised how quickly you will get a game. Darts teams in my local area have a huge range of players of all abilities..so you won't be discouraged as generally the Dart community is a very welcoming place.

Plus the fact if you follow step one and practice every day, you will soon be of a standard equal to or above 50% of the local players in your league who will generally only play on match night.


You are playing the board. Not your opponent. Never worry about what your opponent hits as it is totally irrelevant to you. I never watch my opponent. I throw my darts, check my score and look away and concentrate on my next throw. At home I play against myself and try to hit the most I can in 10 3 dart visits.

This gives you a 3 dart average, and obviously, the higher the better.

When I play on match night..I do exactly the same.

Watching your opponent not only puts you off, it can seriously damage your confidence..especially if he or she hits a good score. So don't do it.

You need to worry about You..no one else.

4.Practice, Practice, Practice.

Do you think Phil Taylor is the greatest player ever because he was born with the ability he has now?

Do you think that he was an amazing player all through his teens and early twenties and was knocking on the door of the big championships in the 1980's?

Do you think that when he was working as a ceramic toilet roll maker in the 1970's for 52 pounds a week he was doing that for fun?

No..he would practice his darts..every day..and he still does today.

8 hours a day at least. Now, I know you may not be the next Phil Taylor..but if you copy his commitment even now at the absolute top of his game..he still practices..so you must do the same.

You can never expect to get better at this wonderful game without application.

5. Believe in Yourself and go easy on the Pop!

If you don't believe in yourself..no one else will.

Darts is the best and the worst game in the world for harming your confidence.

Some days you are on fire and get great scores and hit your doubles every time..the next you can't hit a donkey's butt with a banjo!

It's the way you deal with it.

Take care of yourself. Eat a healthy diet. Don't abuse your body, don't overload it, and don't deny it any of the things it needs. At the same time, don't obsess. Don't drink too much alcohol when you are playing..it's no good before you play and there is plenty of time after your match. Recently a guy in our team went on..slightly sozzled..and he started off with 140, 100, 140 97.....he would have had a 12 dart leg if he had hit the double 12! He lost the leg because he couldn't get out..even when he was 250 in the lead..because he had drunk too much. Confidence comes from within. If you believe you can hit that double..most of the time you will! The opposite is also true.

So don't drink too much before you play..believe you are a good player..imagine winning the match..and have some fun!

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