What Darts Should I Purchase

What Darts Should I Purchase

This is a question that I am constantly being asked so to assist all new Darts Players with. This information is intended to arm you with a little fundamental understanding and advice, that I hope will give you a good idea on where to go for the best equipment.

Are Tungsten Darts better than Brass Darts?

There are a number of resources that Darts are manufactured from, the main 3 being Brass, Tungsten and Nickel Silver. Brass Darts are probably the most general and are relatively cheap. Prices vary from a few dollars to around $35 and are a fairly good option when purchase your original set of Darts, or are learning to play Darts. They are a cost effective way of trying diverse weights and styles, without investing too much of your hard earned cash.

Nickel Silver Darts are comparable to brass Darts, and are around the same price usually, however, they are generally of a better quality. As with brass Darts, they are generally used at home or by the infrequent Dart Player.

Tungsten Darts are used by serious Darts Players, and Professionals. These darts are usually of a far superior quality, and come in a huge variety of weights and styles. The tungsten section is normally described as being 80%, 85%, and upwards, Tungsten Alloy.

With the elevated tungsten value, being the most costly Dart, prices usually start from as little as $15 and go up to nearly $200 or above, depending upon your specific requirements.

What weight of Dart is best for me? The weight of your Darts is an individual preference. As a common rule, the majority of people would usually throw a weight between 19-24gms. There are of course individuals, such as 14 time world champion Phil "The Power" Taylor, that particularly use heavier weighted Darts, such as 26gms, while others have a preference for a lighter weight such as current BDO Professional champion Ted "The Count" Hankey, who throws an 18gm Dart. My personal advice for anyone new to darts, is to throw a dart between 19 and 24gms, and then decide what weight suits them best.